Can your badge holder

Our Badge Messenger™ can. It dispatches school alerts for assistance, help, and key communication at the touch of a button. Watch the Video

Your Badge Can Do More.

Badge Messenger is a simple, empowering communication and alert system for schools. It’s a reliable messaging system that connects classrooms and the main office. It dispatches assistance, help, and key communication at the touch of a button.

Introducing Badge Messenger

At Badge Messenger, we leverage existing technology in common sense applications to make communication simple and convenient. Our patented two-way badge doesn’t rely on your school’s WiFi or connectivity - meaning there’s no security clearances or other tech issues to overcome prior to adoption.

Simple. Affordable. Capable.

Each teacher or administrator wears a customizable badge on his or her lanyard that’s programmed specific to your school’s communication hierarchy and alert protocol. This badge enables teachers and staff to communicate everyday classroom and student need with a central information hub - what we’ve lovingly personified as C.A.R.E.L. - because we know educators love a meaningful set of ABC’s.


School Safety Is Your First Priority

How could your teacher benefit from an extra minute, set of hands, or ears to listen?

Fire alarms aren’t an everyday occurrence, nor are lockdowns or medical emergencies. However, being prepared for every worst case scenario should be an everyday occurrence - and Badge Messenger promises to help your school do just that. Keep teachers where they best serve your students: in the classroom. But empower them to know assistance is just the push of a button away. When a minute means everything.

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