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Is Your School Budget Big Enough For Safety?

Not all school budgets are created equal. That's why we've listed some free school safety ideas for your campus.

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Making Schools Safe Again with New Legislation Across the Country

Via the National Conference of State Legislatures, the 2018 legislative session saw 43 states propose 392 bills and resolutions related to school safety.

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As Close to an “Easy Button” as it Gets for Behavior Management

Research exists about the impact of frequent interruptions and the negative repercussions of these interruptions on schoolday productivity. What can help?

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From the Desk of Mike: What Other School Security Apps, Tools, and Programs are Missing

What does Badge Messenger have that other school security programs are missing?

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5 Ways to Empower Teachers to Build a Positive, Innovative School Culture

How can administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders help build a culture of innovation in our schools? Learn by reading Angela Watson's article.

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Creating Security Solutions for the Future

Schools can’t afford to replace major technology every few years. They’re looking to invest in something that works here, now, and futuristically.

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Here's How School Security Should Be Improved in 4 Easy Steps

Since the publication of an earlier commentary on four steps to achieving better school security, many organizations have been in contact to offer excellent additional ways to reach this desired end state. Read more from The Heritage Foundation.

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A School Alert System that Gives Parents, Teachers, and Administrators Peace of Mind

Anything can happen at any time, and parents, teachers, and administrators need to prepare for every possible outcome. It's not scaremongering; it's just being sensible.

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I'm a Teacher, and Badge Really Does Have it All

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in Sartell, MN is a Badge Messenger™ school. Stephanie Pederson is a teacher with 30 years of experience; her story.

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More School Security Measures: Is It a Good Strategy for School Safety?

Jared Black smiled on his way to school, thinking of his birthday party the next day. But the party to celebrate his 17 years in this world never happened. Read more on this article by the National School Boards Association.

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