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Schools Are Spending Billions on High-Tech Security. But Are Students Any Safer?

The uncertainty over how to prevent school shootings — and the horrifying consequences of failing to do so — has created a business opportunity. Read the NBC News article written by Jon Schuppe.

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Barricade or Flee? Simulator Trains Educators and Police for School Shootings

Teachers, administrators, and police officers sat in rows at laptop computers, enacting a scenario they hope to never experience in real life. Read Evie Blad's piece on Education Week about the simulator that trains educators and police for school shootings.

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Pros & Cons of Badge Messenger

From herd mentality to market share, Badge Messenger's list of pros and cons are listed for your information as you vet our school messaging system.

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Why Badge Messenger: A Personal Story

Badge Messenger is a two-way communicator that is small, comfortable, instant, rechargeable and it doesn’t require existing wireless, cellular, or network systems. At a touch of a button, it can connect classrooms to a central location like your school's office to report an issue - minor or emergency.

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4 FAQs About School Safety in 2019

School safety is on the top of the minds of parents, students, teachers, and school administrators alike, and for good reason. An uptick in school shootings and natural disasters are threatening their lives.

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